Antenatal Birth Preparation Course

Research-led online and in-person education for Mums-to-be, created and delivered by a qualified Midwife and registered Nursing and Midwifery teacher, and a qualified pregnancy exercise and movement therapist.

Suitable from 26 weeks

Every session combines appropriate theory information with practical, safe physical preparation for late pregnancy, labour, birth and the early postnatal period. 

Prepare physically, psychologically and emotionally for labour and birth.

Learn about what to expect during labour and birth and how you can increase the likelihood of normal birth.

Gain knowledge to help improve the long term health of you and your baby, including discussion of the latest evidence about key nutrients and lifestyle in late pregnancy and the potential impact on long term health.

Gain essential knowledge about how to support your body in recovering from birth and returning to pre-pregnancy state in the early postnatal period.

Antenatal Birth Preparation Course

Online course plus in-person Active Birth workshop

Healthy Lifestyle In The 3rd Trimester ONLINE

Theory - Learn about healthy eating and exercise during the third trimester and its impact on long term health for mothers and their babies. This session includes advice and guidance on the most beneficial nutrition, safe exercise and alleviation of common ailments in the third trimester.

Practical - 'Get Fit for Birth'. Learn exercises that will build your strength to help you manage the third trimester and movements that mimic the demands of labour and birth. 

Preparing Your Body For Birth ONLINE

Theory - Learn about the physiological changes, which prepare your body for birth and initiate the labour process. This session gives practical advice about an active lifestyle in preparation for labour and birth and initiation of labour.

Practical - 'Prepare for Birth'.  Learn specific core exercises the will facilitate the passage of your baby and help to allow the core muscles to assist with the process of birth. A strong core can adapt and allow birth to happen. Appropriate core exercises will also minimise Diastasis Recti and maintain pelvic floor function.


Active Birth WORKSHOP

Theory - Learn about the normal labour and birth process, and what to expect. This session gives practical advice and guidance which may shorten your labour and birth, improve the likelihood of a normal birth and improve your ability to cope with pain. It also covers practical advice for birth partners to support you so we recommend birth partners attend this session.


Immediately After Birth ONLINE

Theory - Learn about your physiological recovery in the first days following birth. Topics covered include healing after caesarean and normal birth, as well as essential nutrition and exercise to support recovery in the early days.

Practical - 'Stretch, Release and Relax'. Flexible and supple muscles help increase pelvic space, and are better able to release and yield during the birth process. Learn effective exercises and breathing techniques to relax and release muscles whilst keeping your joints safe. 


The Postnatal Period (0-6 weeks) ONLINE

Theory - This session covers physiological changes in the first 6 weeks in further depth as some bodily systems return to pre-pregnancy state. Learn ways you can actively support recovery and what to expect. Practical advice and guidance about caring for your baby, advice on infant feeding and common challenges or concerns in the early weeks.

Practical - 'Motherhood Movement'. Learn exercises that will help prepare you for the unique ways you will move as a Mother. Learning these movements and training for them during pregnancy will make recovery, core restoration and life much easier. 

'Recover from Birth'.  The first 6 weeks is solely about rest and recovery, but what exercises can you safely do to start reconnecting with your core and pelvic floor during this time?


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