Fit Woman

Cardio Core

A core and pelvic floor conscious cardio conditioning class

A functional, bodyweight, core and pelvic floor conscious cardio conditioning class. This is a fun but challenging workout for those who want to build up a sweat and improve strength and stamina with low impact exercises.

Cardio Core is a popular class amongst my expectant and new Mums to "prehab" and rehab the core, pelvic floor and prepare the body for the physical demands of Motherhood!

It's also popular amongst my running and sporting Mums who would like a break from impact with this "no-jump" workout focusing on mobility, strengthening the glutes, core and pelvic floor to reduce injuries and dysfunction!

Tuesday's 9.30-10.15am 

This class runs live online (via Zoom).

Can't make it live? This class is recorded so you can complete it anytime over the following 7 days.

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