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About Group Exercise Classes

Willow offer group exercise classes which are a fun, effective, and specific for women including during pregnancy, after delivery, during Motherhood and transitioning into peri-menopause!

Classes are all streamed live via Zoom AND the class recording is available for playback for the whole week after the live class. 


Exercise that is tailored specifically for different stages in a woman's life is vital - from pre-conception, to pregnancy, the postnatal period, Motherhood to peri to post-menopause. Creating a functional and dynamically strong body, and good breathing and posture habits are essential elements to optimal, long term core and good pelvic health. If you're currently pregnant, check out my FAQs for details on if my classes are safe for you.


Choosing to exercise with a trainer who has fully qualified and is experienced in working with women including pre and postnatal exercise and women's health is the only safe and effective option. Check out my FAQs for what to look for in a women's health fitness trainer. All exercises have various adaptations and strategies that take into consideration the physical, physiological and hormonal changes which occur during each pregnancy trimester, stage after birth, during Motherhood and beyond.

When you join Willow, you don't just get an exercise class! It is essential that your are adequately screened to ensure the exercises that you are prescribed are going to be safe and effective for you. Each class, every week is planned and adapted to suit the individual needs of the participants taking part. The screening process will also highlight any need to refer you to a women's health specialist before you participate in exercise. You can also have a more detailed 121 session (or Postnatal Health Check if you're recently postnatal) at any point, ideally before your first class - this will enable me to offer you even more individualised alternatives/adaptations throughout group classes.
Every Willow class includes:
  • An in-depth pregnancy/postnatal/pelvic floor health screening;
  • Access to Willow closed Facebook group for life; 
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Core Flow & Stretch

Core Flow & Stretch is a mat based class involving controlled Pilates and Yoga style flows and exercises to strengthen and lengthen your body from your core out and to improve your mobility and flexibility leaving you in a state of calm after a challenging workout.

This class will include a range of difficultly options so you can create a class that works for your body. It is also suitable if you'd like to progress on from my Core & Floor class and step the intensity up a small notch to further challenge your core, pelvic floor and whole body strength, endurance and coordination.

A new recording specifically designed for the class attendees is available each week or you can join me and attend LIVE on Monday's 12.30-1.15pm on Zoom. STARTS 7th JUNE

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A women's specific functional core and pelvic floor conscious class to build a dynamically strong body using kettlebells, hand weights and bodyweight, focusing on form and control. Suitable for ALL women including during an active pregnancy but not recommended during the first 3 months after delivery (a more suitable option right now to rebuild your foundations would be Re-Fit Flow and/or Core & Floor).

A new recording specifically designed for the class attendees is available each week or you can join me and attend LIVE on Monday's 7.30-8.15pm on Zoom.

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HiLo Glow

HiLo Glow’s functional fusion of cardio conditioning, dynamic flow of Pilates and relaxation will leave you glowing on the inside and out.


This class is for all women from those wanting to stay functionally strong during an active pregnancy through to women who like to “feel a workout”, improve their fitness, alignment, muscle balance, boost their fat loss potential and movement capability in a pelvic floor conscious way. Women during Motherhood will also benefit from the protective effect of this class has on bone, heart, brain health and body composition as we approach peri-menopause into our 40’s.


This pelvic floor and core conscious conditioning class is inspired by HIIT training as well as the flow and dynamic control elements of Barre and standing Pilates. The relaxation finish provides us a time to rest and restore balance to our body and mind.

A new recording specifically designed for the class attendees is available each week or you can join me and attend LIVE on Wednesday's 7.30-8.15pm on Zoom. STARTS WEDNESDAY 9th JUNE

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Re-Fit Flow

A pelvic floor conscious conditioning class inspired by the flow and dynamic control elements of Barre and standing-Pilates. For new Mums, this class is a great way to re-connect with your strength and stamina after having a baby, rebuild your pelvic floor and core function, realign your posture and reduce Motherhood aches and pain. It is also a suitable option to maintain functional strength during pregnancy. 

The class focuses on slow control conditioning movements to create long and lean, balanced muscles using bodyweight, a resistance mini-band and pelvic floor conscious techniques.

Studio class Thursday's 9.30-10.15am from 10th June for 6 weeks.

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Core & Floor

A specialist Pilates mat-based class for a healthier and stronger core and pelvic floor focusing on rebalancing and rebuilding the core muscles, mobility, and flexibility. Perfect for ALL women who want to feel stronger from the inside, and especially perfect during early postnatal period or anyone suffering from occasional or persistent back/pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction or Diastasis Recti.

A new recording specifically designed for the class attendees is available each week or you can join me and attend LIVE on Friday's 9.30-10.15am on Zoom.

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Stretch & Rest

Mobilising movement and releases to relieve tension and stress for pelvic, body and mental health. This class is great for rebalancing the 'fight/flight' and 'rest/digest' nervous systems to positively impact on mental alertness and concentration, sleep, immunity, digestion and reduce pain, stress, tension and worry.

A new recording specifically designed for the class attendees is available each week or you can join me and attend LIVE on Sunday's 8.30-9.15pm on Zoom. NB: Live class day is subject to change so please check latest timetable in the pinned FB post.

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Menstrual Cycle Package

My Menstrual Cycle Package tunes into your cycle with appropriate exercise. I recommend what class to do during each of your 4 phases through the month. As with any class, you can attend your recommended class each week live and receive the recording if you can't make the live class time.

If you have irregular periods and/or experience significant PMS symptoms, I would firstly recommend you follow my Fix Your PMS 5-week programme.

Live class take place throughout the week (as per above) but recordings are also available if you can't make the live times.