Group ONLINE Studio Classes


Willow Studio offer group exercise classes (currently online only) which are a fun, effective, and safe way for women expecting a baby or for postnatal Mums and beyond! Group classes include Cardio Core, Core & Floor PilatesTough Mother, and Strong Mother


Exercise that is tailored specifically for different stages in a woman's life is vital in order to keep your growing baby safe when you are pregnant, care for your lower back, core and pelvic floor for the long-term, and create good breathing and posture habits, which are essential elements to a functional core and good pelvic health.


Choosing to exercise with a trainer who has fully qualified and is experienced in working with women including pre and postnatal exercise is the only safe and effective option. All exercises have various adaptations and strategies that take into consideration the physical, physiological and hormonal changes which occur during each pregnancy trimester and stage after birth and beyond.

When you join Willow, you don't just get an exercise class! It is essential that your are adequately screened to ensure the exercises that you are prescribed are going to be safe and effective for you. Each class, every week is planned and adapted to suit the individual needs of the participants taking part. The screening process will also highlight any need to refer you to a women's health specialist before you participate in exercise. You can also have a more detailed 121 screening session at any point, ideally before your first class - this will enable me to offer you even more individualised alternatives/adaptations throughout group classes.
You can join a class at any time, however for postnatal Mums, you need to wait until you've had your postnatal check with your GP.
Every Willow class includes:
  • An in-depth pregnancy/postnatal/pelvic floor health screening;
  • Diastasis Recti and core assessment (for postnatal Mums);
  • Access to Willow closed Facebook group for life; 

Cardio Core

A core and pelvic floor conscious cardio conditioning class

Thursday's 9.30am

Core & Floor

A specialist Pilates mat-based class for a healthier and stronger core and pelvic floor

Monday's 10.30am

Friday's 9.30am

Strong Mother

A women's specific strength and conditioning class with balls, resistance bands and kettlebells

Tuesday's 6.30pm

Tough Mother

A core and pelvic floor friendly fusion of interval training, body conditioning, Pilates, stretch and relaxation

Wednesday's 7.30pm

Stretch & Rest

Mobilising movement and releases to relieve tension and stress for pelvic, body and mental health

FREE TASTER Sunday 22nd March 8.30pm

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