Core Restore

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121 sessions focused on restoring and improving pelvic floor and core function.

Core Restore

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Core Restore sessions are my unique offering to women who would like a more in depth exercise prescription, nutrition guidance and education to support the core, pelvic floor and overall health. Women who would benefit from my core restore sessions have an interest in or a goal relating to; 

  • improving core function,

  • improving pelvic floor health,

  • core restoration after having a baby,

  • preparing for birth/pregnancy exercise,

  • reducing back pain,

  • healing a Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation),

  • treatment of stress and/or urge incontinence and leaking with exercise,

  • treatment of mild/moderate prolapse or

  • general overall strength, stamina, and flexibility. 

If you're a woman who has given birth naturally or via c-section, regardless of how long ago, it's likely that your core isn't functioning optimally. To recover from these events takes more than just a 6-week postnatal GP check-up. It may be that you feel like your core isn't connected to your body anymore or you feel hollow inside. You may have back pain, urinary leakage or a lingering 'mummy tummy'. Scars from c-sections or other abdominal surgeries can also cause you to become disconnected from your tummy and cause incontinence or bowel issues. All the above can lead to changes in your breathing strategy which is a key element of effective core and pelvic floor function. Exercise prescription is unique to you, your goals, and where you are currently in your recovery or core health.

Before and during your first session, I will complete detailed health screening with you and a number of physical assessments on your core function including alignment, breathing and posture before prescribing an exercise programme. It is impossible to prescribe any exercise without knowing where you are now. I would advise sessions as often as you can, ideally at least twice a month in order to give you the best chance of achieving your goal and seeing progression - but ultimately the choice is yours.

How many Core Restore sessions will I need?

This varies from person to person. Firstly it depends on why you are booking a session.... Quite often after teaching women some simple new techniques, mild concerns of incontinence and/or pelvic pain can be resolved with just one session.


Core Restore sessions can also be used to go through an individualised programme of exercise that would be suitable to see you through your final few weeks of pregnancy or maybe to go through some advice on what you could do to aid your recovery during the first few weeks after delivery prior to your postnatal check. 


Sometimes a few sessions are required over a period of a few weeks or months is a more complex cases of back pain, Diastasis Recti, moderate cases of stress/urge incontinence, pelvic pain, and prolapse. I can also work closely with your women's health physiotherapist if you have one, or refer you to one if required. 

Your reason for booking a Core Restore session can also be for general fitness and strength, mobility, and core strength if you want to be sure you are following a programme of exercise that will not be detrimental to your pelvic floor and back health. 

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