Diastasis Recti

If you have (or think you have) Diastasis Recti or feel disconnected from your core and/or pelvic floor then this DRA healing package is for you.


This Diastasis Recti package will help you reconnect with your core and improve the functioning and look of your tummy. There are many different elements involved in the rehabilitation of Diastasis Recti so if you're ready to explore your options, this package is for you!

What's involved in DIASTASIS RECTI?

The DIASTASIS RECTI Package is a specific combination of services based on if you would like to restore core function, heal abdominal separation and improve the look of your tummy (if that's important to you), whilst maintaining or improving current physical activity levels. This package is not recommended within the first 12 weeks after having a baby as often Diastasis Recti spontaneously heals within this time - it's only if DRA remains dysfunctional after this period (no matter how many weeks, months or years later!) that this package will be beneficial to you. If you are within the first 12 weeks after having your baby, please take a look at my FOURTH TRIMESTER package.

A dysfunctional DRA may be causing you back pain, it may make you feel "empty" in your core or you may just not like the look of your tummy - you may feel you still look pregnant, you may have a lower tummy pouch and/or you may notice that your tummy either sinks in down the centre line of your abdominal wall and possibly domes outwards when doing certain exercises or movements like sitting up from a lying position.

You may find this article useful, and also this video showing you how to self-assess for a DRA. (although I can also assess for you during your first appointment).


Following completion of the relevant health screening form, you can book on the services which form the Diastasis Recti Package.


Below is a list of services included within the DIASTASIS RECTI Package!


Diastasis Recti Package

Diastasis Recti Recovery

A 1 hour consultation and soft tissue massage therapy treatment to assess your DRA and other aspects important to DRA recovery such as posture and manual treatment to release restrictions, tension and 'stuck' soft tissue ​throughout your body which is preventing your DRA from healing. Also includes discussion around nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to support DRA healing.

Core Restore Session

A bespoke 1 hour exercise and movement session based to support healing of your Diastasis and restoration of core function. This will include a video of your prescribed exercises to do from home. Restore exercise therapy sessions can be undertaken online via Zoom or in person. 

Group Class course (1 month)

As DRA is very individual from woman to woman, therefore, following your Diastasis Recti Recovery session, I will recommend a class course for you to do based on your needs and goals. You can check out my range of classes here.

PACKAGE COST: £89 (normally £102 if sessions are booked separately)


How do I get started on the DIASTASIS RECTI Package?

1. Complete the relevant Willow Health Screening Form and purchase the Diastasis Recti Package.

2. Book your Diastasis Recti Recovery session to start your DRA rehabilitation.

3. At the appropriate stage following your initial session, you can book on your Core Restore session and recommended class course (you do not need to pay again for the class course as it is included in the package price).

4. Start enjoying your package and keep in touch with me via the Facebook Group or email to discuss any changes in your health status or needs.

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