Frequently asked questions

What is the range of viscosity that the station can accommodate?

Soapstand can accommodate up to 10,000 cpi. We recommend a viscosity as low as possible in order to increase dispensing speed for the customer.

What container sizes does the station accommodate?

The Soapstand dispensary can accommodate a wide range of container sizes—up to three litres depending on the placement of the opening in the container.

How long does it take to refill a station with new soap products?

While it depends on how many products needs to be changed out, a full change is often under 30 minutes. For "minis", it is often less than 20.

Do you also sell soap?

While Soapstand does not sell any cleaning products, we built the refill station Soapstand to accommodate a wide choice of possible products including detergent, hand sanitizer and hand soap.