FHIIT Fusion

A core and pelvic floor friendly fusion of cardio and pilates inspired HIIT, conditioning, stretch, and relaxation

This class is a unique fusion of body conscientious interval training and conditioning for women to optimise fitness, metabolism (your fat burning potential), hormone balance, emotional and pelvic health. I offer higher impact options for those who have built their foundations and ready to go fitter and faster.

The cardio and Pilates inspired HIIT component is followed by a dedicated section pelvic floor conscious core, stretch and relaxation, similar to that of my Core & Floor and Stretch & Rest classes focuses on deep core work and slow restorative stretching and relaxation. A lush end to a challenging pelvic floor conscious workout!


This class is suitable for Mums in the later postnatal period (3 months+) and beyond.  It is also suitable during an active pregnancy! Mums who are in the earlier postnatal period it is advised to submit a screening questionnaire to assess suitability before booking.

Wednesday's 7.30-8.15pm (from 3rd February)

This class runs live online (via Zoom).

Can't make it live? This class is recorded so you can complete it anytime over the next 7 days.

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