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Wellness and Remedial Massage

Available Monday-Friday and weekends when available

Postnatal Wellness

Growing, delivering, feeding, changing and carrying babies and children is challenging for the female body both physically and mentally.  You might be feeling like your body is a bit broken after the ordeal of pregnancy and childbirth. A Postnatal Wellbeing Massage will kickstart your postnatal recovery and healing process by relieving that postnatal tension with relaxing, deep and effective postnatal massage. Postnatal Wellbeing Massage can incorporate work on c-section scars to reduce adhesions and scar tissue.

C-Section/Abdominal Scar

An c-section/abdominal scar, even if it looks fine from the outside, can cause significant restrictions in the rest of the body causing dysfunction in both superficial and deep tissues. From switched off core muscles, inactive glute muscles, numbness, scar 'overhang', bowel restrictions, to infertility, having manual work performed on your massage can make a huge difference. Gain the confidence to touch your scar and learn effective self-massage techniques to help you free it up and re-connect with your core. Scar massage is not suitable until the scar is fully healed externally. 

For Every Woman

Even if you haven't had a baby recently, maybe you simply feel that you are not moving well, sports & remedial massages will get you back to 100% and even beyond. Our modern busy stressful lives sitting at desks, looking at screens/phones, caring for children, commuting and fitting in your exercise regime can take its toll on your body. If you feel your body is not cooperating, it feels tight or achy or you can’t move freely then that is the time to come and see me. Deep tissue massage helps get rid of those annoying knots of tension that stop you functioning. After a Sports Remedial Massage you can expect to feel looser, more mobile, feel less stressed and more relaxed. Please note: sports massage is NOT just for sports injuries, it is NOT painful and it IS relaxing and highly beneficial!

For all massages, I use women's specific blend of high-quality moisturising massage wax and essential oils.

Massage and soft tissue therapy aimed at restoring core function after pregnancy, c-section or just for a general me-time massage.

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