Online Classes
Livestream On Zoom (includes recordings)

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LIVESTREAM on Wednesday 18th May 9.15-10.00am (plus 7-day recording)

£6.50 or FREE to May On-Demand members.


​Lift is a functional core and pelvic floor conscious class to build a dynamically strong body using kettlebells, hand weights and bodyweight, focusing on form and control.

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Preparing the Pelvic Floor for Pregnancy and Birth

FREE workshop for expectant Mums


Knowledge is power. Learn more about the role of the pelvic floor during pregnancy and during birth and how to prepare these muscles to support changes in posture, pressure and to be resilient during a vaginal birth.

Streaming live on Zoom on Tuesday 24th May 12.30-1.15pm (plus the recording if you can't make it live). You can also attend in person at Laura Deighton Dance Studios, Telford.

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Release LIVE

LIVESTREAM on Wednesday 15th June 9.15-10.00am (plus 7-day recording)

£6.50 or FREE to June On-Demand members.


Release tightness and tension around your body which may either be restricting your movement, affecting your posture and/or causing you pain.

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