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Willow packages are for all women who want to take control of their health and wellbeing and prioritise their core and pelvic floor health.

Take Charge

Willow women are passionate about maintaining or improving their quality of life, core, pelvic floor and overall health and fitness through appropriate exercise, nutrition and self-care strategies.

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If you have Diastasis Recti or feel disconnected from your core and/or pelvic floor then this DRA healing programme is for you.

Running places a lot of demand on the body. To prevent musculoskeletal pain, incontinence, and prolapse, the body needs time to complete a graded return to running after having a baby, no matter how long ago you gave birth.

Progress safely through an active pregnancy and prepare for labour, birth and Motherhood. Keep yourself strong, mobile and pain free.

A programme of fitness and wellbeing to bring you back in tune with your core and pelvic floor. Feel stronger from the inside out, manage and treat mild/moderate dysfunction in the core and pelvic floor. 

Willow Fourth Trimester

A programme dedicated to supporting a new Mum during early days and weeks. Reconnect with your core, correct pregnancy posture and manage Motherhood movements.

A pelvic floor conscious programme to boost fat loss and metabolism, stepping impact and intensity for women free of pelvic floor dysfunction to achieve more advanced fitness goals.

Busy, stressful lives leads to many women putting up with aches, tension, pain and poor posture. This is your permission to slow down, unwind, release and RELAX!

Rehabilitate after an injury so you can move forward with your health and wellness goals, whether it's pregnancy or motherhood related like back pain or carpal tunnel syndrome or sporting related like knee, shoulder pain or an ankle sprain.

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Transition through natural hormonal shifts with minimal symptoms using a holistic approach to maintaining fat metabolism, energy, bone and joint strength, brain function, heart health, youthfulness and vitality.

A holistic exercise and lifestyle approach to relieving pelvic pain, menstrual cycle issues such as PMS and hormonal imbalance related conditions such as endometriosis, and polycystic ovary syndrome etc.

Reconnect with your body after a c-section using this bespoke programme. No matter how long ago you had your baby, if you feel discomfort, pain and /or numbness this programme is for you.

This programme is for women recovering from Pelvic Organ Prolapse or Hysterectomy surgery who would like to return to activity safely and respectfully. Learning to move again safely is essential to your current and future health.


Where do I start?

1. Firstly, take a look through each of the packages below and narrow it down to 2 or 3 packages which you feel reflect your current life stage and short and long term goals the most. 

* Maybe your goal is to boost fat loss and improve your self-esteem?

* Maybe it's to minimise symptoms of the natural hormones shifts during peri- to post-menopause?

* Or possibly to maintain a healthy pregnancy and prepare for labour and birth?

2. Next, think about if anything in particular is currently holding you back from achieving your goals? Maybe a painful or numb c-section scar, maybe an ongoing knee injury, some stress incontinence or even just day to day stress and tiredness?


It's always really important we tackle these underlying issues first!

For example, if your end goal is to boost fat loss, change your body shape and improve self-esteem, you may be drawn towards the SHAPE UP programme, but first it may be more appropriate to look at the C-SECTION (if you're struggling with a numb/painful scar), or REHAB (to sort that knee injury), TUNE UP (to treat the stress incontinence/get back in tune with your pelvic floor) or maybe the RELAX  programme so both your physical and mental wellbeing is in the absolute best position to take on your end goal!

If you find this part daunting and you don't really know where to start, complete one of my health screening forms in as much detail as possible I'd be more than happy to give my recommendations via email and come up with a plan together!


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