Postnatal Health Check

(Unfortunately, I'm not able to offer this service at this time)

Was your postnatal check with your GP a little light on 'you'?

What's included in Willow's Postnatal GP Check?

  • Core and pelvic health screening,

  • Diastasis Rectus Abdominus (abdominal separation) assessment plus treatment options if applicable,

  • Blood pressure check,

  • Postural alignment assessment and home exercise sheet to correct pregnancy-related muscle imbalances,

  • C-section scar assessment and advice on how and why to care for your scar (if applicable),

  • Assessment of breathing, and advice on improving breathing strategy to optimise core and pelvic floor health,

  • Advice on optimal nutrition to aid your healing after vaginal or c-section delivery,

  • An opportunity to confidentially discuss your delivery - what you planned, what you expected, what you didn't expect, how you feel about your delivery,

  • Signposting to further services where necessary both within Willow or recommended external services.

£55 for 90 minutes

The Willow Postnatal Health Check is recommended for new Mums between 6 and 12 weeks post delivery.

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