Diastasis Recti Programme

Diastasis Recti Recovery - A 1 hour consultation and soft tissue massage therapy treatment to assess your DRA and other aspects important to DRA recovery such as posture and manual treatment to release restrictions, tension and 'stuck' soft tissue ​throughout your body which is preventing your DRA from healing. Also includes discussion around nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to support DRA healing.

Restore Session - A bespoke 1 hour exercise and movement session based to support healing of your Diastasis and restoration of core function. This will include a video of your prescribed exercises to do from home. Restore exercise therapy sessions can be undertaken online via Zoom or in person. 

Group Class course (4 or 5 weeks) - As DRA is very individual from woman to woman, therefore, following your Diastasis Recti Recovery session, I will recommend a course of classes for you to do based on your needs and goals. Classes can be attended in person at my studio or online via Zoom (with the recording available for 2 days following the live class time). You can check out my range of classes here.


Diastasis Recti Programme

Class course

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