The DIASTASIS RECTI Package is a specific combination of services based on if you would like to restore core function, heal abdominal separation and improve the look of your tummy (if that's important to you), whilst maintaining or improving current physical activity levels. This package is not recommended within the first 12 weeks after having a baby as often Diastasis Recti spontaneously heals within this time - it's only if DRA remains dysfunctional after this period (no matter how many weeks, months or years later!) that this package will be beneficial to you. If you are within the first 12 weeks after having your baby, please take a look at my FOURTH TRIMESTER package.

A dysfunctional DRA may be causing you back pain, it may make you feel "empty" in your core or you may just not like the look of your tummy - you may feel you still look pregnant, you may have a lower tummy pouch and/or you may notice that your tummy either sinks in down the centre line of your abdominal wall and possibly domes outwards when doing certain exercises or movements like sitting up from a lying position.

Diastasis Recti Programme

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