Menstrual cycles symptoms can be debilitating and impact on various aspects of life. Medical professionals often tell us symptoms are normal, HOWEVER this monthly dread and suffering is most definitely NOT normal. Symptoms of PMS are a warning system and that something needs your attention......


Are you ready to revitalise your hormones and put your PMS symptoms behind you?


This event is an educational workshop linked with the WILLOW RELIEVE programme, covering the various elements involved in transforming your menstrual cycle and reducing /eliminating symptoms such as bloating, pelvic/back pain, cravings, sleep issues, headaches/migraines, lowered libido, anxiety, irritability, snappiness, rage, feeling down, brain fog and forgetfulness.


Upon completion of this webinar, you will all receive weekly challenges during the proceeding 5 weeks to rebalance your hormones, and reduce the negative impact your natural hormonal shifts have on your physical and psychological wellbeing. 

Fix Your PMS Webinar & 5-Week Challenge


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