Fourth Trimester Programme

Postnatal Health Check - This postnatal health check is all about YOU. It involves an in-depth assessment on muscle imbalances which can contribute to postnatal aches pains, and dysfunction, posture, core and pelvic floor functioning, c-section scar assessment (if relevant), nutrition to support healing and some non-judgemental emotional support following the birth of your baby. You will also receive comprehensive information on postnatal healing nutrition which will impact on both your physical and emotional healing and also a programme of exercises you can do from home. This check does not include any interval pelvic floor assessment, although I can refer you to a local pelvic floor physiotherapist should this be recommended.

Postnatal Massage - My postnatal massage offering reduces aches and pains associated with your new role as Mum. Extended periods of time sitting feeding and new repetitive movements related to caring for your new baby can commonly lead to back, shoulder and neck pain. Postnatal massage also helps to induce relaxation and provide you with an opportunity for some much needed 'me-time' to improve emotional as well as physical wellbeing. ​

Core & Floor (4 or 5 week course) - A specialist Pilates mat-based group class for a healthier and stronger core and pelvic floor focusing on rebalancing the core muscles, mobility, and flexibility. Perfect for ALL women who want to feel stronger from the inside and for those wanting to reconnect gently and effectively with their core. This is a highly recommended class for women who have recently had a baby who feel a bit disconnected from their body and core. Suitable from 6 weeks postnatal.



Fourth Trimester Programme

Core & Floor course

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