Knowledge is power when it comes to approaching and going through your peri- to post-menopause years. Menopause is often perceived as a dreaded event of womanhood, but my holisitic approach to menopause using exercise, food, soft tissue therapy, lifestyle changes, and stress management will prepare you for and support you through a more natural transition.


Are you ready to approach your menopause years with confidence rather than dread? Are you teady to take control of your hormones and put your menopause symptoms behind you?


This event is an educational workshop linked with the WILLOW POSITION MENOPAUSE programme, covering the various elements involved in the transition from peri- to post-menupause. 


Upon completion of this webinar, you will all receive weekly challenges during the proceeding 5 weeks to rebalance your hormones, and reduce the negative impact your natural hormonal shifts have on your physical and psychological wellbeing. 

Menopause Misunderstood Webinar and Challenge


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