Positive Menopause Package

It is highly recommended to purchase the one-off 'Menopause Misunderstood' webinar alongside this package when booking it for the first time. 

Meno-Fit Session

This is 121 bespoke exercise and movement session based around your personal needs. It's more individualised than a group exercise class in that we can get really specific with the type of exercise we include in this 121 session whether it's a session based on improving strength or cardiovascular fitness or something more restorative like Pilates or Yoga. As a Sports Therapist and specialist in Women's Wellness, together we can work to treat any injuries or dysfunctions, and offset current or future health concerns associated with the hormonal shifts during menopause including bone, heart, pelvic floor and mental health. Available ONLINE if necessary.

Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy

Utilising advanced techniques like Soft Tissue Release (STR), Muscle Energy Techniques (METs), Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy, these treatments help gently to loosen restricted connected tissue and fascia, encourage lengthening of overactive muscles, carefully untangle congested muscle fibres, and smoothly release points of tenderness in muscles and fascia caused by repetitive movements, poor postural alignment, tissue trauma/damage, overload as well as emotional stress. 

Simply Food

A unique and personalised session to discuss and set nutritional goals to help you move forward with your health and wellbeing using simple, myth-busting strategies (no calorie/macro counting in sight!) to boost your metabolism and improve how your body uses the food you eat. With your goal of improving your hormonal health and offsetting typical weight gain associated with hormonal changes, this session will open your eyes to a more simple approach to eating. This session can take place in person or online.

Group Exercise Class (4 or 5 week course)

As each woman's peri- to post-menopause journey is individual from woman to woman, following your Meno-Fit or Soft Tissue Therapy session, I will recommend a course of classes for you to do based on your needs and goals. Classes can be attended in person at my studio or online via Zoom (with the recording available for 2 days following the live class time). You can check out my range of classes here.



Optional (at extra cost) Services which compliment the Positive Menopause Package

Menopause Misunderstood Webinar

This is an educational webinar which covers all you need to know about a natural shift through your peri- to post-menopause years. I dispel a lot of myths associated with the menopause which causes women to dread this life stage. This webinar will educate and empower you to take control of your future bone, heart, pelvic floor and mental health using many strategies relating to nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and stress management. 

Stretch & Rest Class

Mobilising movement and releases to relieve tension and stress for pelvic, body and mental health. This online class is great for rebalancing the 'fight/flight' and 'rest/digest' nervous systems to positively impact on mental alertness and concentration, sleep, immunity, digestion and reduce pain, stress, tension and worry. 

Positive Menopause Package

Core & Floor course

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