Relieve Package

Stretch & Rest Course

A key class for the relax programme! Mobilising movement and releases to relieve tension and stress for pelvic, body and mental health. This online class is great for rebalancing the 'fight/flight' and 'rest/digest' nervous systems to positively impact on mental alertness and concentration, sleep, immunity, digestion, recovery and reduce pain, stress, tension and worry.

Core & Floor Course

A specialist slower-paced Pilates mat-based class for a healthier and stronger core and pelvic floor focusing on maintaining balance in the deep core muscles, and improving mobility and flexibility. Perfect for RELIEVE women to spend some slower, mentally restful time on strengthening from the inside.

Sports Massage/Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy Session

A relaxing remedial massage to manage aches, pains and tension, and manage stress and anxiety.


Saving 10% compared to if you booked the services separately. 

Fix Your PMS Webinar & 5-week Challenge

An online educational webinar and 5 -week challenge to give you an insight and understanding into the various elements involved in transforming your menstrual cycle and reducing /eliminating symptoms such as bloating, pelvic/back pain, cravings, sleep issues, headaches/migraines, lowered libido, anxiety, irritability, snappiness, rage, feeling down, brain fog and forgetfulness. THIS IS AN ESSENTIAL ADDITIONAL PURCHASE TO THE RELEVE PACKAGE IF YOU ARE COMPLETING THE PACKAGE FOR THE FIRST TIME. You can also purchase this webinar and challenge on it's own.


Relieve Package

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