Re-Fit Flow

A core and pelvic floor conscious conditioning class

A pelvic floor conscious conditioning class inspired by the flow and dynamic control elements of Barre and standing-Pilates. If you are a Mum, this class is a great way to re-connect with your strength and stamina after having a baby (no matter how long ago that was!) and it is also a suitable option to maintain functional strength during pregnancy. Re-Fit Flow is also a great class option if you are returning from a sporting injury or if you wish to improve pelvic floor function, joint alignment, mobility and control in order to prevent injury, aches, pain and dysfunction.

The class focuses on slow control conditioning movements to create long and lean, balanced muscles using bodyweight, a resistance mini-band and pelvic floor conscious techniques.

Tuesday's 9.30-10.15am 

This class runs live online (via Zoom).

Can't make it live? This class is recorded so you can complete it anytime over the following 7 days.

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