Strong Mother

A women's specific strength and conditioning class

A core conscious strength and conditioning class for strength, fitness and mobility - specific for women!


Resistance training is extremely functional for women. We bend, twist, lift and load our bodies (often at the same time) everyday in new weird and wonderful ways as we navigate through life. 

Take on Motherhood with a strong mind and body. Restrengthen after having a baby or rehabilitate after injury. Lift resistance using core and pelvic floor friendly techniques. Build strength from the inside out to support your daily and other sporting activities such as running, team sports and running around after the kids!

​Resistance training is typically taught with a focus on creating a signifiant amount of intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) in the abdomen to stabilise the movement and many mistakes are often made which compromise breathing and posture. HOWEVER, too much IAP can be problematic for a lot of women. So with prevention as well as management of pelvic floor dysfunction, leaking and pelvic organ prolapse in mind, I have created a class which includes women specific lifting strategies. Strong Mother is for ANY woman who would like a safe and effective resistance workout even if you are currently pregnant, managing mild/moderate prolapse, leaking, have pelvic floor dysfunction or going through/past menopause. Not suitable during early postnatal period.

Tuesday's 7.30pm

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