Studio-Based Classes

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Mummy & Me

Postnatal Fitness Circuits & Pelvic Floor Recovery


A specifically designed postnatal fitness circuit class. Build up a sweat through low-impact exercise whilst focusing on rebuilding your core and pelvic floor, regaining strength and opening up posture. Workout in a baby-friendly and fun environment with other local Mums.

These classes will commence in the New Year 2022 at the Back & Body Care Clinic, Newport and Laura Deighton Dance Studios, Telford.

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Birth Ready

Pregnancy, labour and birth places a lot of demand on the body. This exclusive programme of sessions will help you eliminate the aches and pains of pregnancy, strengthen key muscles, prepare your pelvic floor for labour and birth and support the body through the challenging transition into postnatal recovery.

Birth Ready involves weekly classes to prepare your body for pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal recovery, the smart way.

These classes will return to the Back & Body Care Clinic in Newport in the New Year 2022.

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Core Restore

Core Restore sessions are designed for women who would like to improve the functioning of their core and pelvic floor, reduce pelvic floor related pain and/or achieve a flatter tummy, if that's your goal.


The "core" contains a whole system of muscles and after pregnancy into Motherhood and beyond, this system can become imbalanced leading to pelvic floor issues, an "empty inside" feeling, and the inability to achieve a better looking, stronger tummy, which maybe your current programme of crunches, planks and other abdominal/core/Pilates training is not achieving.


Core Restore classes are based on re-establishing correcting breathing technique i.e. coordinated synergy between the diaphragm and pelvic floor as well as how to access the deep core muscles and challenge them using subtle exercises with detailed cues as well as mobility for the trunk and hips, which is also crucial for good core functioning.

These weekly classes will return to the Body & Back Care Clinic in Newport in the New Year 2022.