C-Section Programme

Reconnect with your body after a c-section using this bespoke programme. No matter how long ago you had your baby, if you feel discomfort, pain and /or numbness this programme is for you.


Your personalised programme to help you reconnect to your core and pelvic floor after a c-section no matter how long ago it was. It's very common for women to feel pain, tenderness and numbness on and/or around their scar and also feel apprehensive about touching or even looking at it. This programme is designed to support you in reconnecting with your scar and improving the function of your core.

What's involved in the C-SECTION Programme?

The C-SECTION Programme is a totally unique programme of services to suit each individual woman wanting to improve the look of their c-section scar and improve the function of the tissues around and under their scar to positively impact on core function and abdominal/pelvic organ health.


Following completion of the relevant health screening form, you can book on one of my suggested services/classes below. You can get in touch if you're not sure where to start.


Below is a list of the type of services you will benefit from on the C-SECTION Programme but a bespoke combination of services can be put together for you personally as each woman is unique!


1-2-1 Services

C-Section Scar Therapy Treatment - A full massage therapy treatment based around c-section scar massage, which will also include other areas of the body too as required to relief local and global restrictions caused by your scar. Every woman who has used this treatment has noticed immediate and lasting results after one session. Please note, this is only suitable once your scar has healed externally.

Restore Exercise Therapy Session - A bespoke 1-2-1 exercise and movement session based on your strength, fitness and mobility needs to achieve your programme goals.

Nutrition Consultation - A consultation based around looking at your current diet (food diary analysis) and advice to improve your nutrition to support you physical, mental, hormonal and pelvic health.



Strong Mother - A functional strength and body conditioning group exercise class with kettlebells, hand weights and body weight using research based lifting techniques for a strong, conditioned body and healthy core and pelvic floor to both meet the physical demands of motherhood, to support participation in a sporting activity and to prevent injury.

Tough Mother - A core and pelvic floor friendly fusion of interval training, body conditioning, Pilates, stretch and relaxation. For women who like to build up a sweat, improve fitness and stamina, but choose to take non-impact options and alternatives to support core and pelvic floor health.

Cardio Core - A core and pelvic floor conscious cardio conditioning group class to improve posture, strengthen the core, pelvic floor and glutes and improve fitness and stamina. Suitable for all women, particularly for women returning to exercise after a c-section delivery or women who would like to take part in a core and pelvic floor friendly fitness class.

Core & Floor - A specialist Pilates mat-based class for a healthier and stronger core and pelvic floor focusing on rebalancing the core muscles, mobility, and flexibility. Perfect for ALL women who want to feel stronger from the inside and for those wanting to reconnect gently and effectively with their core. This is a highly recommended class to women who have had a c-section who still feel restrictions or numbness around their scar.

Stretch & Rest - Mobilising movement and releases to relieve tension and stress for pelvic, body and mental health. This online class is great for rebalancing the 'fight/flight' and 'rest/digest' nervous systems to positively impact on mental alertness and concentration, sleep, immunity, digestion and reduce pain, stress, tension and worry.


How do I get started on the C-SECTION Programme?

1. Complete the relevant Willow Health Screening Form.

2. Book a restore exercise therapy session, nutrition consultation and/or a c-section scar therapy treatment to start your c-section rehab journey. At your first session, we will also discuss your screening form, specific needs and suggestions on how to move forward.

3. At an appropriate stage in your recovery, you can book on a suitable group exercise class. If you have not completed a restore exercise therapy session beforehand, then my recommendation would be to get in touch so I can advise you based on your individual situation and needs.

4. Start enjoying your programme and keep in touch with me via the Facebook Group or email to discuss any changes in your health status or needs.


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