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Tune Up Programme

A programme of fitness and wellbeing to bring you back in tune with your core and pelvic floor. Feel stronger from the inside out, manage and treat mild/moderate dysfunction in the core and pelvic floor. 

Take Charge

Your personalised programme to help you take control of your health, fitness and wellbeing. Maybe you've experienced a degree of pelvic floor dysfunction before or would like to prevent future issues including incontienence, prolapse and back pain with a core and pelvic floor conscious programme.

What's involved in the TUNE UP Programme?

The TUNE UP Programme is a specific combination of services to suit women who would like to take control of their core and pelvic floor function. Maybe you've experienced leaking when you sneeze, cough, run or jump? Maybe you would like to feel stronger from the inside our and have more confidence in your pelvic floor. 


Following completion of the relevant health screening form, you can book on the services which form the TUNE UP Programme.


Below is a list of the services included within the TUNE UP Programme!


Tune Up Programme

Restore Session

A bespoke 1 hour exercise and movement session to support restoration of core and pelvic floor function. This will include a video of your prescribed exercises to do from home. Restore exercise therapy sessions can be undertaken online via Zoom or in person. 

Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy Session

A massage and advanced soft tissue therapy session to resolve musculoskeletal imbalances which could be contributing to impaired pelvic floor function. This treatment is also great for treating any injuries, aches, pains and tension, and for managing stress and anxiety.

Group Class course (4 or 5 weeks)

Every woman is individual, and there are many elements that could contribute to impaired pelvic floor function including muscle imbalance, muscle weakness, tension, stress/anxiety, the way you breathe, posture, nutrition etc. Therefore, based on the action plan from your Restore and Soft Tissue Therapy session, I will recommend a course of classes for you to do based on your specific needs and goals. Classes can be attended in person at my studio or online via Zoom (with the recording available for 2 days following the live class time). You can check out my range of classes here.

PROGRAMME COST: £89 (or £93 if a 5 week class course)

Saving 10% compared to if you booked the above services separately.

How do I get started on the TUNE UP Programme?

1. Complete the relevant Willow Health Screening Form and purchase the Tune Up Programme.

2. Book your Restore session, where we will also discuss your screening form, specific needs and suggestions on which class course will be most appropriate for you to complete

3. and Soft Tissue Therapy session.

3. Once discussed during your first appointment, you can then go ahead and book on your recommended class course.

4. Start enjoying your programme and keep in touch with me via the Facebook Group or email to discuss any changes in your health status or needs.


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